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The 100 yard rifle range is undercover with 20 bench positions. There are table tops behind each position. This range is used for sighting in your rifle and for practice.

The intermediate rifle range has distances of 25 and 50 yards with 4 positions at 25 yards and 10 positions at 50 yards. . Shotguns may be used on these ranges using slugs only.

The pistol ranges are 7, 15 and 25 yards with a total of 27 bays with pulldown screens separating the positions if desired. The bays are large allowing either standing or sitting firing comfortably.

The Police Range is a range to be used by active law enforcement agents. The range is also used for LTC qualifying. It is an open range with a bench behind the range under trees.

The archery range has round bails to capture arrows. We have a high house you can shoot from as well. Range reaches out to 40-50 yards. We also have target blocks available to rent.









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