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Quail Creek Range Rules




Gun Safety

  • Always treat all firearms, as if they are loaded.

  • Bring guns and magazines to the range empty.

  • Check in with Range Master after crossing the bridge. Range Officers will assign your shooting position.

  • No Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) center fire RIFLE ammo on the range at QCR. FMJ Pistol ammo is okay.

  • Shotguns may be used on the Rifle 25 or 50 yard line, Slugs only for shotgun use.

  • Range officer may ask to check your ammunition at any time.

  • Carry uncased firearms with the muzzles straight up with the action open.


  • Always keep your finger OFF the trigger until ready to fire.

  • Minors must be closely supervised by an adult at all times, and must be 4'6" (54") tall to shoot handguns.


QCR Cease Fire Rules


  • Range Master will call cease fires at regular timed intervals to allow you to check your target and put up new targets.

  • When a cease fire is called, unload your firearms, lock all actions open, keep the muzzle pointed down range and step back behind the firing line. Take anything you might need downrange (staple guns, targets, markers) with you when you leave the bench.

  • While the range is COLD do not approach the shooting bench, or touch any firearms until the range is called HOT.

  • Unless going down range do not cross red line during cease fire or handle any firearms behind the line.

  • Ask the Range Officers for assistance if you must go back to the firing position during a cease fire.

  • If an EMERGENCY CEASE FIRE is called, immediately place firearms on the bench and step behind the red line. DO NOT GO DOWN RANGE! Do not unload your firearms.


At the shooting bench

  • Case and un-case all firearms at the shooting bench.  Keep muzzles pointed down range at all times.

  • When at the firing line keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times.

  • Keep muzzle below the top of the berm when on the firing line. Do not wave muzzles in the air while working on firearms or cycling actions.

  • Do not place anything on concrete between red line and firing line. Use shelves or tables.

  • Shoot at paper targets only. Never shoot any range fixtures or supports.

  • Shooting high or low will result in your being moved to a shorter distance.

  • Do not rapid fire. Allow two seconds between shots.

  • Firearm must be equal to the shooters skills and abilities (caliber, size, action type, etc.).

  • Weapons must have sights or optics.

  • Report any unsafe action to the Range Officer immediately! We need to know!


Open Carry Rules


         Open carry is allowed at our range. However; there are a few rules to follow.

         The firearm must stay holstered until you are on the firing line.  Once at the line you may

         un-holster the firearm and place it on the bench.

         No from holster work may be done while shooting. All shooting must be done from the bench.

         When done shooting for the day, you may then return the firearm to the holster.


 follow all safety rules and obey all Range Officers commands immediately.


Failure to follow QCR rules may result in loss of range privileges.



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