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BC Precision Shooting

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Range owners, corporate gunsmiths with high volume scope mounting, trainers, or anyone looking to setup a precision firearm, this tool will help you set up and order your rifle scope rings right the first time, saving time and money.

Cover 6 Outdoors
strives to instill a sense 

by reintroducing Veterans to the elusive camaraderie and brotherhood that is hard to find once we have left the military and by embracing the morals and virtues that we value as veteran or current service members. As Veterans and Combat Veterans, our staff here at Cover 6 Outdoors understand that being around your combat blood brothers can prove to be life changing and life saving and as such we also strive to provide a safe, comforting environment for all veterans and their spouses and dependents.

Cover 6 Outdoors will provide Veterans and Dependents with all equipment and gear, if needed, for each outdoor event they register to participate in. When applicable, Cover 6 Outdoors will provide food and lodging.

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Lone Survivor Foundation’s Mission Is To Provide Veterans And Their Families With A Path To Healing From Their Invisible Wounds.


"Cutting Edge Outfitters is North Texas premier outfitter.  We strive for excellence offering faith based, family friendly hunts in Texas, Africa, Argentina.  At Cutting Edge Outfitters we have something for everyone!  Located only 2.5 hours north west of DFW"




RMEF Cowtown Chapter

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BOCO Ballistics, LLC (BOCO); not like other Gun Manufacturers in Texas.

BOCO Ballistics LLC (BOCO) is delivering a unique and personal firearm to each customer and is what all gun manufacturers in Texas really want to do.

At BOCO Ballistics, our motto can be found directly within the company name; “Buy Once, Cry Once”. This is how we treat every build and service we provide. Our customers’ satisfaction from day one of their purchase means so much to us that we decided to include that sentiment in our title.

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